EON 7.6 Release    (2011-09-08)

EON Reality Introduces Full Body Motion Tracking with EON 7.6

Release date: September 1, 2011

The new EON 7.6 release brings a range of updates and improvements to the EON Reality software platform, where the most notable additions are:

Gesture Based Interaction 
The new EON 7.6 release adds the EON Interact module with support for gesture based interaction through Microsoft Kinect, enabling a more natural interaction method for users of 3D SBL (Simulation Based Learning) scenarios, that provides an improved ‘hands-on’ experience when using interactive 3D content for learning and product presentations, see EON Interact video.

Avatar support with full-body motion 
Through the new EON Interact module in EON 7.6, a real-life person’s movements can be transferredin real-time into a virtual human avatar’s movements in the interactive EON simulation, adding more realism and interaction opportunities and creating a more seamless experience between the real-world and the virtual world.

Support for the latest glasses-free technology
EON 7.6 brings native support for the latest glasses-free stereoscopic 3D technologies from SuperD. This is available on a range of laptops coming out in the market, including some laptops already available from e.g. Toshiba. These laptops enable users to experience interactive 3D presentations in stereoscopic 3D without the need for special eyewear, using a solution with a built in camera that tracks your eyes to ensure a perfect 3D experience.

Extended Internet Browser Support 
The EON 7.6 release adds support to a wider range of browsers, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, enabling a wider deployment of interactive 3D simulations through the Internet and the Cloud.

Increased support for Motion Tracking
The new EON 7.6 release adds support for the Vicon tracking system, adding to EON Reality’s already vast support of different tracking systems, see EON Icube.

Streamlined workflow with EON Creator 
The EON 7.6 release adds several features that streamlines the workflow from CAD / 3D models to use on the EON Experience Portal and EON Creator, enabling a quick workflow for interactive 3D authoring.

Support for EON Experience 
The EON 7.6 release also brings improved support for the use of high-quality interactive 3D models on the EON Experience Portal, enabling users to share interactive 3D content in the Cloud.

Free .eoz Files at EON Experience
EON Studio and EON Professional users can now find free .eoz files at the EON Experience Portal. 

Downloads are found in the Downloads/EON 7.6.0 section for the authoring tools while the free EON Viewer, and EON Raptor are found in Downloads/Public section.

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