EON Reality Launches EON 7.0 Virtual Reality Enterprise Suite    (2010-07-19)

Go to the download section and download and test the new release of EON 7.0.

The new features of EON 7.0 offer a completely rewritten light editor, new shader light system, improved physics nodes,added smoke and fire effects.

The new EON 7.0 includes enhanced versions of EON Studio, EON Professional, EON Ultra, EON Icube and EON Icatcher.

With EON 7.0 you will be able to create ultra realistic interactive 3D content with real-time physics in minutes. In short, the EON 7.0 family is taking a leap forward with respect to realism and interaction.A completely rewritten light system gives the user more sophisticated shader-based materials and visual effects. The new physics system based on the Nvidia PhysX engine introduces features such as character controller, rigid body and fluid.For our users EON 7.0 will include many new and exciting features such as a new physics system with support for fluids and particles, new updated importers, a new light editor to make it easier to use advanced lighting features and materials. The EON 7.0 release also marks a new chapter in EON's software history by offering the user the possibility to install and use many different versions of EON on the same computer at the same time, side by side. This means we can progressively remove the support of old, seldom used functionality and introduce fundamental changes without jeopardizing the stability of the existing EON applications.
For a complete perspective on how EON 7.0 enhances EON Reality’s software products, look in EON 7.0 technical sheet.

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